Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Damey's Collections

What made you decide to pursue a career in fashion?

 My Involvement With It At An Early Age; I Took Part In A Number Of Pageants As A Little Girl. Also Dealing With Different Styles Of Clothing And Make-up Only Added More Fuel To My Burning Desire To Work Within The Fashion World. image


What do you consider the most important facets of the fashion industry?
 I Consider The Most Important Facets Of The Fashion Industry Are New, Highly Appealing Styles That Can Quickly Become An Overnight Trend. Also, Designers' Ability To incorporate Their Own Style That Would Make Their Body Of Work Different From Many Others.
 What do you think are the current and future trends in fashion?

The Current And Future Trends In Fashion, I Believe, Are African Prints. It's A Trend That I Have Seen Rise Little By Little Over The Past Few Years; First At Small Glimpses, But Now Emerging Quickly In Huge Folds. It's Just Something Different That Not Only African Cultures Love But Others As Well.
 How do you think your education has prepared you to work in fashion?

My Education Has Prepared Me To Work In Fashion Because It Has Given Me Insight And Knowledge Of Fashion, It Has prepared Me Immensely For The World Of Fashion.
 Define “Fashion”
Fashion Is The Incorporation Of Ones Ideas And/Or Lifestyle To The Fabrication Of Clothing Or Accessories, Which Can Be Appealing To The General Public.
 What were your daily tasks at Fashion Company?

I Have Yet To Work With A Fashion Company, But The Daily Task That I Face With My Damey's Collections Brand Is Brainstorming New Styles, Promoting The Brand, Recruiting New Customers And Future Investors.
 How do you handle stress? 
I Handle Stress By Simply Concentrating On The Positives And Staying Focus On The Things I Can Control.
 How comfortable are you working hands on with models and designers?

I'm Very Comfortable Working Hands On With Models And Designers. I Don’t Find It difficult At All Because I've Been On Both Sides Of The Spectrum.
 What qualifies you for a career in fashion over other candidates? 
Well I'm In The "Step By Step" Phase Of My Young Career. I Believe That I Have What It Takes To Be At The Top If I Just Stay Humble And Work Hard At Building My Brand And Improving My Craft Along The Way. I Just Let The Rest Take Care Of Its self.
 Do you consider yourself a people person?

I Really Do Consider Myself A People Person. I'm Fun To Be Around Once You Get To Know Me And I Respect Those That Respect Me.
 How do you handle conflict?

I Handle Conflict By Simply Finding Solutions To The Problem Before It Worsens.
 How would you describe your personal style?

 I Would Describe My Personal Style As Classy, Traditional, And Spontaneous.   image

Where would you like your career in fashion to lead you?

Well With My Continued Hard Work And Due Diligence, I Would Love To Be Amongst The Top Names In fashion. And Also I Would Love To Help Up And Coming Designers Reach Their Goals In Fashion If I Can.
How would you deal with an arrogant client?
Simply Display Patience And Professionalism Despite Their Arrogance. You Cant Please Everybody.
 What hobbies do you have that relate to the fashion industry?
 I Sew And I Like To Collect Different Types Of Fabrics For Future Use.
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